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Pharrel Williams: ‘Wealth Is Of The Heart’

Pharell Williams is more than a rapper or producer. He is an entrepreneur, successful in many area’s of life. In the videohe shares his secrets, he tells you what he has learned about success and happiness. You can read the summary in the text below the video.

Show the kids that it can happen

My biggest campaign is, I have to show those kids that they can do it to. (..) I want to kids to know, it doesn’t matter, you can do whatever it is what you want to do man, you want to make beats just work at it, you want to rap, just work at it, you want to play keys just work at it, you want to sing, work at it, you want to flip burgers, you want to be a computer tech, you want strip, you want to be a hoe, you want be a pastor, a teacher, an astronaut work at it! (..). I’m so happy! I’m doing this for all the kids that didn’t think it can happen, but it can happen.

Wealth is of the heart and the mind

Wealth is at the heart and the mind, and not in the pocket. And I say that because everybody that is a billionaire made it by the means of their thoughts, the byproducts of what it is what they think and then turn it into business. (..) Somebody thought of something, and it manifest itself into a business the way they could make some money. As long as you are smart and well educated you can be anything. All you need is wealth of intelligence When you’re poor the only thing you have is imagination. And hopefully good parents, and the will to achieve and turn your imagination into material. And so when you’re granted the opportunity you seize it.

Work hard & Focus

You just got to work hard at what you do man, don’t let nothing throw you off. Focus on your work. Don’t worry about what it is going to be, just focus on your work. And every once in a while just look over your shoulder and see how far you’ve come. You got to stay focused man, 100%. You just focus. Get your mind together, get your focus for what it is you want to do together man. Figure out where you are, figure out where you want to be. That’s the distance.

It is not about the money

The money is something that comes along with the job, but that is not the most important parts of what we do. The video’s, they confuse kids and they send message out that it is really about the glorification materialism, cars houses. It is not the most important part in what it is what we do. The most important part is that I’m living and that god have given me a talent, and I have the ability wetter people hear it or not to go in and create a song. That’s something you can’t replace, like making a new track, I still feel an euphoria every time. To me, all the Rolls Royce’s in the world, I don’t give a fuck if they come up with the technology to fly, it is not going to replace the feeling when I finish a new beat or song with somebody.


Learn, learn, learn, learn, learn. I appreciate everything that I’ve gotten. But forget everything that they said about us. More than anything else I’m a student. I’m a student till I die.

I will always tell you, you can do it to.. yessur!

Pharrel Williams

LivinggGOOD. All day. Everyday

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